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  • The Primal Scream
    I watched The Shout (1978). It starts with a car pulling up at some institution in the countryside. Rachel Fielding (Susannah York) has been called as there has been some incident. She is directed to the dining room which seems to have been turned into a temporary morgue, with bodies laid out under sheets on […]
  • Openings
    I went to the Whitechapel Gallery, where there were several new things started up, and they’re all free entry. First of all, The London Open 2022. Here are some of the things I liked in it. The included artists are not all young and only one or two are attempting to comment on the pandemic. […]
  • Role Play
    I went to see Invisible at the Bush Theatre. Performed in the Studio room, a single backdrop that can be used with varying lighting and sound effects to suggest either various flats, a suburban house, a hospital ward, and wherever it is that actors do TV auditions. The show is performed by Nikhil Parmar, mostly […]