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  • Cosmic Switchboard
    I watched The Vast Of Night (2019). It starts as we track in to what seems to be a US suburban home of the 1950s. We hear the TV and a series of images at the start of a new broadcast. V/O: You are entering the realm between clandestine and forgotten. A slipstream caught between […]
  • Amnesia Of The Future
    I watched some films centred around journeys. Two of them were by Chris Marker. This was the right preparation for seeing a more recent British film. La Jetee (1962) is a short post-apocalyptic “photo-roman” set in France in the future. It is composed of still images and a voiceover by an unseen narrator. It begins […]
  • The Brutality Of Flats
    I went to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. They had a big show on at the moment, and also another one that just ended but still has an exhibit remaining: On the second floor: The big show is Horror In The Modernist Block: At the entrance was a screen showing several films in sequence. Here […]