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  • A Challenge
    The week in which Lady Susan Hussey resigned from Buckingham Palace is the best time to watch The Kola Nut Does Not Speak English at Bush Theatre. The performance is in the Studio space, conventionally arranged with seats on 3 sides of the set. It now seems that Bush Theatre directors are reusing the same […]
  • Vessel Of Wrath
    I watched 1899 on Netflix. Although it has credits stating it is the work of human creators, I had a convincing impression it was the first AI-generated science fiction story, made by an artificial neural net trained on all films and series made since about 1989. The fact that the twist ending is taken from […]
  • Transhuman Clay
    I went to see the David Altmejd exhibition at Masons Yard. The exhibition guide: The hare figure, which is entitled “The Vector”, made in 2022, from various angles: Downstairs to the other works – there is toothpaste smeared on the walls and around other exhibits, and I was told we are to take this as […]