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  • Vessel Of Wrath
    I watched 1899 on Netflix. Although it has credits stating it is the work of human creators, I had a convincing impression it was the first AI-generated science fiction story, made by an artificial neural net trained on all films and series made since about 1989. The fact that the twist ending is taken from […]
  • Transhuman Clay
    I went to see the David Altmejd exhibition at Masons Yard. The exhibition guide: The hare figure, which is entitled “The Vector”, made in 2022, from various angles: Downstairs to the other works – there is toothpaste smeared on the walls and around other exhibits, and I was told we are to take this as […]
  • Apocalypse Brand
    I went to see the new show Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally by Harland Miller at the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey. What the downloaded guide says: The work: In the bookshop, the retrospective catalogue with other works. He earlier worked in more explicit referencing of old paperback cover layouts. Much of this current set is […]