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  • Crossing The Line
    I went to see Fair Play at Bush Theatre. Some other things that have been on recently or are forthcoming: Masking is now strongly advised but the audience is not distanced, as the tickets were on sale before the latest restrictions came in. In the main entrance area a screen shows a promo film for […]
  • Falling Fortresses
    I saw some films that weren’t so great. I liked some parts of them. Out Of Time (2021) was clearly made 6 or 7 years earlier, since 2015 is referred to twice – it’s in the dates given in Vernon’s note in his box of old junk from the 50s, and at the end we’re […]
  • Mira Variations
    I went in to the office, my first time in central London since the reintroduction of measures in response to the Omicron variant. Although TfL officially never stopped requiring masking, observance had fallen to well below 50% – however today we were back up to at least 75% on both buses and trains. I was […]