I watched some films. What they have in common is that they are less-famous works by celebrated writer/directors. There are also some thematic similarities. Light Sleeper (1991), written and directed by Paul Schrader, starts right on the streets of New York. A very 80s soft rock soundtrack plays over them. The streets are clogged with […]

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Imperial Wax Museum

I’ve been listening to the new edition of Imperial Wax Solvent. This is now the 3rd version of this album I’ve had: first of all the one that leaked on to file-sharing networks early in 2008, then the original official release I got a few weeks later. I’ve never particularly liked this album, though I […]

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Category 2

Today I had my annual trip to Hammersmith Hospital to check my health as a former in-patient at the Catherine Lewis Centre. The appointment was made after the last one last year, long before we’d heard of “lockdown”. I rang them a few days ago to check if I was still expected or required to […]

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