Like millions of other British people, I’ve been looking forward to the new album by The Telescopes, and was delighted when early copies were sent out from Germany this week. I was rather wary of the dull-sounding title – Songs Of Love And Revolution – since “Songs Of X” is never a formula that inspires […]

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I read some books. Roger Daltrey’s appearance on the fringes of the news this week made them faintly topical, due to their slight connection with the ancient topic of “Mod culture”. What they also have in common is that they are the only novels published by their authors, and have been hard-to-get for most of […]

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One Dimensional Men

I’ve been watching things set in offices in the 70s. The Organization (1972) starts with a sequence taking us in to the big places of innovative modern Britain. The theme music starts languidly, as a giant brutalist facade veers in front of us. Then the jazz really takes off, as we are shown a sequence […]

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