The Call Up

We both got our call-up notices on Friday, with text messages from our GP advising that vaccination slots were now available, please click this link and book your time. We both chose this afternoon at 4pm and 4.30, and walked over to St.Paul’s Church at Thornton Heath. When we got there, 2 people in hi-vis outfits were dealing with the small queue that built up and got processed indoors quickly.

The outdoors people checked on name, date of birth and postcode and noted it down on a slip to be handed at the reception desk, they also questioned about whether we’d had tests recently or been symptomatic.

Indoors I handed in my slip to a person with a computer, who checked my details and handed it back with some numbers written on the back.

I went in to queue and another person with a hi-vis jacket handed me this sheet:

I waited to be called to a booth.

It was not long to wait. In each booth there was a person with a computer on one side of the desk, and a person with the medicines on the other. He disinfected the chair before I sat down. There was a quick check of any medications I might be on, specifically blood-pressure related. I mentioned my history and showed my “I am at risk of transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease” card in my wallet, but that was no issue (my BMT was 12.5 years ago and my last check-up showed cell counts were ok. I have had other vaccinations over the years) and I got the jab. I was also given a leaflet and a “I’VE HAD MY COVID VACCINATION” sticker, and also another card to keep in my wallet, showing the date I had the first dose on and a space for the date of the second.

I was warned that as this was the AstraZeneca vaccine I may feel bad for a few days, but it can’t be worse than chemotherapy so I’m not too fussed. After the jab and getting the papers I was straight out back of the church again and a chance to look at the other denomination available next door:

I saw no anti-vax stuff in the vicinity, although there have been some COVID LIE stickers on lamp posts and bus stops around Crystal Palace, and an anti-lockdown march gathered at the station months ago. I have heard about some nasty leaflets being put out in nearby postcodes but have never seen them.

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