Phase 2, Second Jab, Third Wave

We got invited to get our second dose of vaccine, just 7 weeks after the first one. It was at the same place, we set out early and were all done and back home by 9.30.

Once again we were quizzed about medical conditions, I explained I had had leukaemia years ago and take penicillin, but had not been advised that I need to be shielding, and my last blood test in November had shown cell counts are ok. I do not know why we have been both been done early a we are not old enough to be prioritised.

I have my card now filled in that I have had 2 jabs. The first time they put my name wrong, this time they put the date wrong, but never mind.

They were giving out the leaflet about the AstraZeneca vaccine that was available last time, but I also got this new one:

There are various anti-lockdown/ anti-pandemic poster and sticker campaigns around our part of south London. I saw a leaflet for Piers Corbyn’s campaign for the Mayoralty stuck in the lobby of the still-closed cinema. I’ve also seen this at a few bus stops, it seems that someone went to the trouble of unscrewing and inserting it inside the display. It is not indicated who did it or what their exact point is.

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