Plague City Symbols

Tomorrow is officially the end of the lockdown. No one knows what this will mean. This morning was long enough to include a farcical cycle of announcements and reversals. So we went across south London to be befuddled by obscure symbols and uninterpreted messages. First of all we went to Bold Tendencies.

The restless city:

First exhibit:

Not quite managing to line up with the Library roof, but you missed nothing too special.

A tribute to Sun Ra:

On the wall of the office:

A sundial:


An old favourite:

The rooftop bar, full of the usual riff-raff:


The location:

The walkway is not an exhibit, but it has its own grace and beauty:

Looking towards the Bussey Building:

The level below is roped off as they get the space ready for live performances. I had a quick look:

Back up again:

Some other old work that has been here for years:

And another new work:

I WILL LEAD on the other side

I saw Rene Matic’s other work at South London Gallery weeks ago.

So that was this year’s trip to Bold Tendencies.

We went to the Bussey Building.

But it turned out you need to book a slot to get in, and we weren’t that bothered. So we went round the corner to look at the other delights, and go in the Copeland Gallery, where there was an exhibition of work from West Dean Fine Art students, called Bounce. More on the artists here.

Lemon Squash by Jane McNair
Lemon Squash by Jane McNair; the picture on the wall is Flurowave I by Janet Dorey
Four Shrines by John Collett
Acidulated Curve I & II by Janet Dorey
L=R, T-B : Resolution I, Resolution II, Cone Of Power, Tower Of Babel, Geotrauma I, Geotrauma II, all by Sarah Johns

For the next picture I should include a further note from the programme:

Law Quilt by Robin Bray-Hurren
“from early childhood I was taught the law would be my protector and not my persecutor”
Denouement by Ruth Heaton
Sunrise II by Janet Dorey
Denouement by Ruth Heaton
Denouement by Ruth Heaton

According to the larger guidebook, it seems Ruth Heaton has done several works in different materials that are all called “Denouement”.

Hat Hill (Slug Territories) by Ruth Glasheen
Hat Hill (Slug Territories) by Ruth Glasheen
Hat Hill (Slug Territories) by Ruth Glasheen
Cross Section Of A Germ Of An Idea by Sarah Johns
Still Life I, II, & III by Christine Howell
Relatives I & II by Anja Beckert
Fete by Anja Beckert
Devouring Time by Trudi Browett
Harvest by Anja Beckert
Crest I – IV by Anja Beckert
The Last Egg by Anja Beckert
Denouement by Ruth Heaton
Fossicking by Cathy Griffiths
Quotidian – Where Would We Be If We Weren’t Here? II by Philippa Clarke

Some closer details of that wall-filling work:

The world we have, the world to come.

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