Today should have been my annual check-up at Hammersmith Hospital to see that my immune system is staying as well as it has been since it got a bone marrow transplant in 13 years ago. However a few weeks ago I got a message saying the appointment, and the blood tests that go with it, would have to be put back a fortnight. I wonder if this is an effect of that shortage of medical supplies in the NHS. I would expect to be put back as I am not urgent nowadays. I also had my booster vaccine dose on Friday.

Last year’s appointment was the first entry in Discontinued Notes. I have now published 100 Notes. Actually there are 101, but one of those is kept Private. Earlier in the year I saw someone jump in front of a Tube train. I had to write down my experience as it was already beginning to seem unreal within hours. I will not make it public as I don’t know what happened to the person involved. I want it here so I can read it, and not any other place where it can be lost or deleted.

I did not intend to make 100 posts in the first year, but I saw it was possible a few months ago and made an effort to reach the total. I wanted this post to be Hammersmith appointment again for circularity, but that couldn’t happen. I am not going to bother about how many Notes get written each year from now on, there is plenty in the archive for new readers to look at. I think I have about as many readers as I deserve, although it disappoints me how few people wanted to read the one about the International Space Station.

Meanwhile, Britain continues to dismantle what remains of the lockdown. Sainsburys has now disposed of the plastic partitions at the self-service section, though I can’t see how this frees up any more space for the customers using the kiosks. QR code signs have been abandoned almost everywhere, including places that seemed to be making a point about keeping them.

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