I had to go in to see someone in London, so I thought I would also have a look at the Global Day Of Action For Climate Justice, as I thought it would be a refreshing change to see a march that wasn’t anti-vaxx anti-lockdown hohum.

Setting out on the train to Victoria I saw this billboard, and it seems to be one of a series as there was one at the next stop that seemed to have different messaging:

In Hammersmith I noticed a helicopter already circling about, and also this:

I headed over to Bank to see the start of the business, arriving about 1pm to see King William Street already blocked off by a police van. I walked over to the big important buildings, where the crowds were going by.

12 years ago I saw a march moving in the other direction here; later that day Ian Tomlinson died.

I went over to Brick Lane to have a look in Rough Trade and I got the Pharoah Sanders album. I also saw this:

And another of these, so they were distributed around London:

Then I went over to Embankment to see if anything was starting at Trafalgar Square, which I assumed was the target. I bought a poppy in Embankment station and opposite Charing Cross station was this:

The helicopters were monitoring above, and the vans were in place to block off more routes. It was quite windy and some banners were blown around near the Column.

That was around 2.15pm. I walked up Charing Cross Rd, which also had a block at the end:

I went back to the Square at about 2.40 when things were a bit livelier, the marchers were now pouring in from the East and the monitor was firing up.

As usual, there were multiple protests in progress. There was the regular Falun Gong one going on near the National Portrait Gallery, and this week also a protest against the recent military coup in Sudan:

But in the main Square it was about climate change:

The picture at the top is Fools by Victor Castillo, which I saw in the StolenSpace Gallery.

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