We went away for Christmas. First we travelled to Wales. It turns out that the free anti-lockdown newspaper The Light is being delivered there as well. We travelled to the Midlands, stopping at Brecon, where there is a statue of the Duke of Wellington. Some signs of anti-lockdown messaging on a bus stop: But masking […]

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Fully Automated Future Nostalgia

One very nice Christmas present I got was a second hand copy of Spacebase 2000 from 1984. This is itself a compilation of the 2 earlier works Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD by Stewart Cowley, and Great Space Battles by Stewart Cowley and Charles Kerridge. Sadly it does not include the material from Aliens In […]

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Eyes Right

In 2021 I used the lockdowns to catch up on some reading I’d wanted to do over the years. The easiest part of the pile were some children’s books I mostly missed out on reading when I was a child, and so now was their time. I read some darkly realistic stories that didn’t have […]

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Triumph TR7

I watched Wilde Alliance, the show that ran for 1 series in 1978. It starred John Stride and Julia Foster as Rupert and Amy Wilde. I suppose the title is a play on “Grand Alliance” but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s better than calling it “Wilde Ones” or “Born To Be Wilde” […]

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The Bus Stops Debate

We went away for a few days. On Friday morning I went to get a flu jab. I waited at a bus stop where this sticker had been put up: However before I could think about this much more, I was startled to see what I thought was a human skull lying in the undergrowth […]

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Crossing The Line

I went to see Fair Play at Bush Theatre. Some other things that have been on recently or are forthcoming: Masking is now strongly advised but the audience is not distanced, as the tickets were on sale before the latest restrictions came in. In the main entrance area a screen shows a promo film for […]

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Falling Fortresses

I saw some films that weren’t so great. I liked some parts of them. Out Of Time (2021) was clearly made 6 or 7 years earlier, since 2015 is referred to twice – it’s in the dates given in Vernon’s note in his box of old junk from the 50s, and at the end we’re […]

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Mira Variations

I went in to the office, my first time in central London since the reintroduction of measures in response to the Omicron variant. Although TfL officially never stopped requiring masking, observance had fallen to well below 50% – however today we were back up to at least 75% on both buses and trains. I was […]

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