We went away for Christmas.

First we travelled to Wales. It turns out that the free anti-lockdown newspaper The Light is being delivered there as well.

We travelled to the Midlands, stopping at Brecon, where there is a statue of the Duke of Wellington.

Some signs of anti-lockdown messaging on a bus stop:

But masking and distancing being followed generally.

Another statue:

News in the Midlands:

We spent Christmas mostly indoors watching old TV. I was too tired to watch the new adaptation of The Mezzotint, though we did get through all the episodes of the saga of the Duchess Of Argyll. That was fun but not as good as Powder Her Face by Thomas Ades, the camp erotic opera about the story.

I did go out for a walk and I saw a message on a bus stop which might have been anti-lockdown but it was mostly erased. I haven’t seen this design in London.

I went over the walkway to look down on the traffic.

We travelled back to Wales and stopped in Brecon again. Here is the Library:

And that other statue again:

Some local Welsh newspapers:

We drove back to London today.

I returned the car to the hire company, and saw these messages:

The picture at the top is some decorations I saw when I went in to Redditch; it was busy but not crowded, and most people were masked.

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