A Strong Sweet Smell Of Incense

I went in to the centre of London for the first time this year. Mask-wearing on the Tube was up to 90-95%, the strongest showing in all 2 years.

I went to Whitechapel Gallery to see the new Galleries In The Groove exhibition. This shows artefacts from 3 galleries and art dealers who were influential from the 60s to the 90s in their promotion of new artists and new styles.

Anny de Decker, Stella, Jonas and Bernd Lohaus in front of Marcel Broodthears, Departement des Aigles, 5 October 1969
Linda Goode Bryant, 1973
Robert Fraser

There are collections of posters and correspondence associated with each venue, as well as video footage and also some art works.

Wide White Space 1966-76:

Just Above Midtown 1974-86:

Robert Fraser Gallery 1962-69, 1983-85:

Of course Robert Fraser was involved in a notorious incident, getting arrested with Mick Jagger and jailed for possession. The press coverage and the photo of the pair provided material for 2 art works by Richard Hamilton, “Swingeing London 1967”:

And also the biography Groovy Bob by Harriet Vyner:

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