New Illustrators

I went to South London Gallery in Peckham to see the latest shows that are on there.

Please note:

In the Old Fire Station part of the gallery I looked in the Archive Room at the Shut The Club Down exhibition.

Note the reuse of the cover image of the 70s Panther edition of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, which is the second time Peter Goodfellow’s work has been recycled in someone else’s fantasy worlds.

Community engagement:

Know your music:

The other show on in the Gallery, which attracted quite a lot of visitors, is the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021.

In the Fire Station, and using the programme to get the thematic links in the selections:

“The Sexy Smell Of Growth Hormones” (video) – Bryan GIUSEPPI Rodriguez Cambana (2018)
“She Fell, Wounded” – Freya Douglas Ferguson (2018)
“Have you been sat there plucking your pussy hair?” – Nisa Khan (2018)
“Visibility” (video) – Christof Nussli (2020)
“Eternal Scroll” – Freya Douglas Ferguson (2020)
“To The Fog” (video) – Jukan Tateisi (2020)
“Lonesome Companion” (video) – Pete G.Donaldson (2020)

The biggest work in Gallery 1 is “Amber Chamber II (Resurgence)” (2021) by Rafal Zajko:

“The Ambassadors Suite (Rob And Adam” – Jaime Welsh (2020)
“Crowded Room” – Anne Carney Raines (2021)
“Armful” – Thomas Cameron (2021)
“There is Nothing I can Do with this Desire” & “All is well in the Court of Yasha” – Liorah Tchiprout (2021)
Various videos by Katarina Rankovic
“You are a letter, written not with ink, but with the Spirit” (video) – David Leal (2019)
“…and on top of the mountain there was a temple…” (video) – Serena Huang (2020)
“Dirt” (video) – Sid Smith (2020)

The biggest work in Gallery 2 is “Style Your Sleep” (2019) by Sora Park:

Up the stairs again…

Beware –

I think it’s this one:

“Inside Out” (video) – Sarah Khan (2020)
“Well Hot Dog!” – Anna Choutova (2020)
“Get your teeth into it” – Sean Synnuck (2020)
“Rosie” – Lalla Majid (2019)
“CK Low-Rise Brief With Fly” – Leon Pozniakow (2020)
“Untitled” – Christopher Hartmann (2021)

Biggest item is “Griot Areitos” (2021) by Adrianna Whittingham, 2 screens playing at each other 2 parts of a video that nearly runs to 1 hour long, and isa story about transformation in the style of a children’s story:

And finally at the Fire Station:

“Quicksand” (video) – James Sibley (2020)
“Thrown Out” – Nana Wolke (2021)
“Nature Subcultures” – Christopher Bond (2020)
“E-Z Kryptobuild” (video) – Alice Bucknell (2020)
“A Hole In Space ATH-BER” (video) – Aaron Ratajczyk
“One Narrow and Flimsy Grasp” (video) – Zhuanxu Xu (2019-20)

The flashing lights are part of “Magnolias” (2021) by Zaneta Zukalova, which has a side room to itself:

And so out and over the road to the Main Gallery.


The most direct of those is the one by Femi Dawkins, which is an array of metal poles with golliwog-style dolls attached on their ends. This doesn’t photograph very well because it is quite large but the details are only clear close up to it, so instead of my bad pictures here’s a link to an official page.

“Ear Plan: Research” (video) – Susan Atwill (2021)
“That one time we were playing Badminton and accidentally killed the Pope” – Orsola Zane (2020)
“Everybody has a mummy” – Willy Nabi (2021)
“Object a” – Richard Burton (2020)
“Boruta” – Noemi Conan (2021)
“Warrior” – Karabo Monareng (2020); “vessel 1 (to hold a digital file” – Enore (2020)
“Hong Kong Garden Echo” (video) – Tom Connell Wilson (2020)
“Willendorf-Devil Hybrid” – Beth Waite (2020)
“Drawing Book” – Hanne Peeraer (2021)
“Prism Assembly II” – Hanne Peeraer (2021)
“Paradise 2020” – Krystle Patel (2020)
“waSHdayfronTal” (video) – Temitayo Shonibare (2020)

“Presidential Suit” (2020) by Sandra Poulson can be seen from both sides:

“WATA” – Shannon Bono (2020)
“Archaeological Vestige IV” – Rebeca Romero (2020)
“Archaeological Vestige V” – Rebeca Romero (2020)
“Adding A Face” (2020), “Adding A Face II” (2020) – Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell
“filming dad’s ass while he’s chaopping logs with a chainsaw” (video) – Max Goran (2018)
“Blue Elms” – Angelina May Davis (2020)
“Medici Lion Snuff Bottle” – Hannah Lim (2020)
“Make Your Way Down” – Billy Smith-Morris (2020)
“Trouble In The House” -Lydia Pettit (2020)
“War Of Perception” (video) – Bo Choy (2020)
“Dingbox” (video) – Aoibheann Greenan (2020)
“Far From Home” – Haeji Min (2020)
“Wladyslaw’s Teeth” – Agnieszka Szczotka (2019)
“Empty Garden” (video) – Jinjoon Lee (2021)
“Creepy Chomium” – Rebecca Parkin (2020)
“Roadside Picnic” – Tom Harker (2020)
“thank johnson i’m woke” (video) – Charles de Agustin (2019)
“Year-Long Dream” – Karolina Dworska (2021)
“Becoming Nature” – Asuf Ishaq (2018)

“Vessel In Vain” (2018) by Adam Zoltowski:

“HerStory” – Lauren Craig (2002-2021)
“Phantom Feelings” – Janina Frye (2019)
“Black Girl Essex: Here We Come, Look We Here” (video) – Elsa James (2019)
“Earth, Body” – Davinia-Ann Robinson (2020)
“I AM HERE” – Kedisha Coakley (2019-20)
“Hiding in plain sight: Houses part 3” (video) – Benjamin Rostance (2019)
“The Jumbee Sugar Cane and the Cutty Wren” – Mataio Austin Dean (2020)
“Judgement Proof” (video) – Darya Diamond (2020)

I like the Billy Smith-Morris one, though it’s hard to see as it’s up above the railing. Looks like a Sun Ra album cover.

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