On Wednesday I went in to my work office near Aldgate for the first time since early December. I would say that mask-wearing on the London Underground was between 50-75%, not as high as during the early stages of Omicron but not yet back to what it was before then.

My firm has now ended the system of requiring anyone who wants to go in to the office to book a place on a spreadsheet the week before. If everyone goes in at the same time there would be a problem with fitting them all in, and we now have a hot-desking system that no one has their own space anymore, although the old name-tags are still in place. It is not expected that everyone will want to go back in on the same day anyway, and it will mainly be for special meetings. I will be back to going in at least one day per week simply for a change from the same room at home.

Today I went for a check-up with my GP, and I also had a dose of pneumonia vaccine. Then I went to pharmacy that did the COVID vaccination I took back in October. I had a letter before Christmas (which didn’t arrive until around New Year) telling me I needed another booster:

Today was now up to the time limit of 3 months after the last booster, so I could turn up and get dosed again. Now I’m now on 4 doses, and not expecting to need another any time this half of the year. While I was there about 5 other people turned up for vaccination, so demand is at least holding up.

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