Sequence Of The Sign

I went to the Estorick Collection in Canonbury Square to see the exhibition Bice Lazzari: Modernist Pioneer.

Bice is in the 2 downstairs galleries. The pictures at the top are images of her from the 1920s to 1981.

She worked in several different materials.

Handwoven bag and belt (1929)
“Untitled” (1959)
“Green Informal Piece” (1958)
“Moon Play” (1957)
“The Happy Fable” (1958)
“Untitled” (1950)
“Oblique Red Line” (1979)
“Acrylic No. 527” (1979)
“White Sequence – Acrylic No. 4” (1975)
“Sequence Of The Sign” (1973)
“Soundtracks” (1968)
“White Square No.2” (1974)

I wondered if the circular design of “Soundtracks” is alluding to the shape of a recorded disc, and as with “Sequence Of The Sign”, the patterning indicates the representation of music in another medium. I wondered this again when I was looking at the permanent collection upstairs and the gallery attendant explained that this work was showing all of an audience’s reactions to a performance of a work by Beethoven:

Other notable works upstairs:

“The Engineer’s Mistress” (1920-30) by Carlo Cuevo.

There was a selection of works by various futurists, and the captions were honest about the political affiliations of some of those artists, many of whom were unrepentant after 1945. There was a note that Eric Estorick did not realise this when he met some of them for the first time and might not have been so keen on their work if he had understood that dimension.

“Acrobats” (1950) by Giuditta Scalini

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