We went to The Old Operating Theatre near London Bridge. The Borough market was very busy and now large numbers of tourists are back in London.

The Museum is located above a busy bar and we could hear pop-disco tunes vibrating up the walls. Entry is through a spiral staircase, with a traffic light system to control the direction of movement.

The exhibition has many side panels explaining the history of the institution and some of the artefacts on display. There is a gift shop and some activities aimed at children although the detail captions don’t avoid references to such matters as amputations or venereal disease.

Up the stairs to the gallery of the theatre itself:

There is also something called The Museum Of Impropriety on this weekend. The only thing I saw was an item called The Nervous System Of A Populist, apparently to be auctioned today.

This exhibition reminded me that I am more squeamish than I realise, and didn’t enjoy hearing about 18th century surgical methods when I heard about them in school history classes. Also I have a lot of trouble with vertigo, so the trip back down again was slow.

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