The Scenic Railway

We went to have a look at the new Elizabeth Line.

Took the District Line out to Ealing Broadway.

The train to Paddington arrived at Platform 4.

We travelled in 5 minutes to Paddington, not stopping at Acton.

We got out, went through the turnstiles, and followed the signs across to the Eastbound platforms.

Since it was shut we thought we may as well get a fast ride back the way we came to Ealing. So we went back to the previous platform and boarded the train to Reading. Soon a man got very angry and started shouting out of the door towards the staff that he’d been waiting for ten minutes for the train to move. We realised this was in fact the train we’d arrived on about 15 minutes previously, and it was then announced that it was broken down with a fault and passengers should disembark. We did that again, although some others seemed to be staying put.

But at least there was bunting. We had to make other arrangements to get home.

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