City Of Flags

I could see some street parties occurring in south London yesterday, as I went by on the train. A barbecue went on near our flats today, though I didn’t see any bunting. There was plenty in the supermarket however.

Today we went to Peckham to see the 2022 run of the Bold Tendencies show on top of an old car park. We saw it last year, as we’ve seen it nearly every year since 2011. That’s not a very big task to fulfil on an annual basis.

We took a bus ride from Crystal Palace, on the way passed what looked like a music festival in progress. We later saw a pile of flyers for it:

Peckham has a new sticker campaign in progress:

Use of the plural apostrophe

We made our way in through the now-traditional entrance, and the paintwork now seems to be fading. There are traces on the steps leading in that suggest restoration work may have been attempted recently.

At the top of the stairs, an indoors installation that turned out to be inaccessible:

Out on the roof:

The city in the clouds:

Bunting down below:

An exhibit:

Another exhibit:

Another exhibit:

Another exhibit:

Another new exhibit:

An old exhibit that has been in place for several years:

Another old idea:

Views from the side, looking toward the Bussey Building:

Back out again.

Found on the ground:

We went around to the Bussey Building and saw this other prayerbook:

Seems to be some sort of tech-booster thing presented as an old-style radical newspaper, for some reason. Most recent inspiration would seem to be Strike magazine from ten years ago. There was a pile of copies that seemed to be free giveaways so I took one.

The side of the Bussey Building, which we didn’t bother going up this year:

Some more pictures of flags:

I put the one with the “Self checkout” sign at the top because that looked vaguely ironic or telling, and that’ll do.

UPDATE 5th JUNE 2022:

Today I was in W12 and saw an actual Jubilee street party in progress, as well as evidence of others occurring in other streets. This is Ashuchurch Terrace and nearby:

Outside the pub:

Kelmscott Gardens estate:

Off Dalling Road:

At Hammersmith Broadway a man was waving the Israeli flag and wearing a shirt with messages about Jesus and his imminent arrival. There was also a large crowd outside the Apollo, as BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT was advertised on the board.

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