I went to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition at White Cube gallery in Bermondsey.

In the 9x9x9 gallery:

“Untitled XXIII” (2020)

This one reminded me of Brueghel’s winter landscapes, especially when seen from the further side of the room.

“Ice Skater” (2021)

Approaching closer, the figures look artificially added, with inconsistent shadow patterns around their feet. However this might be an effect of touching up inconsistent light patterns after bringing together different images.

In the North Gallery:

“A and E” (2019)
“Politics II” (2020)
“Hong Kong Shanghai Bank II” (2020)
“V & R II” (2022)
“V & R III” (2022)

There should be a Gursky picture of people looking at Gursky pictures:

In the corridor:

“K√∂nigsbergerstrasse, diptych” (2020)

Closer, looks like a photograph touched up with paint:

In the South Gallery:

“Connect I & II, Diptych” (2018)

The two images are taken a few seconds apart, can see the same figures moved slightly between them:

Larger works:

“Cruise” (2020)
“Hong Kong Shanghai Bank I” (2020)
“Bauhaus” (2020)
“Apple” (2020)
“Salinas” (2021)
“Pigs I” (2020)
“Rhine III” (2018)
“Stripe” (2021)
“Las Vegas” (2022)


The long view:

Of course no trip to White Cube Bermondsey would be complete without also going in Fuckoffee over the road:

Some more details on Gursky’s recent work is at the site of a Berlin gallery that also hosted this show.

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