I went to the Whitechapel Gallery, where there were several new things started up, and they’re all free entry.

First of all, The London Open 2022.

Here are some of the things I liked in it.

“Scuba Sauvage Poseidon” (2021), “Scuba Sauvage Azure Bleu” (2021) – Milly Thompson

“Niche Definitions” (2021), “Movements and Adaptations” (2021) – Milly Thompson

“Shave” (2021-2) – Gareth Cadwallader

Various ceramics by William Cobbing, also the one at the top of this Note

“Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototype II” (2019) – Sonya Dyer

“The Underlying” (2019) – Ami Clarke

“What Does The Water Taste Like?” (2020) – Juliana Kasumu

“After BUTT” (2018) – Ian Giles

“Blue Sky Thinking” (2019) – Patrick Goddard

The included artists are not all young and only one or two are attempting to comment on the pandemic.

Through the door at the end in to We Get To Choose Our Families.

In the Christen Sveaas Art Foundation rooms, The Unseen:

“But it is not Dark” (2006) – Judy Sirks Vevie

“Gonna Head To The Galaxy” (2010) – Mona Orstad Hansen

“Young Girl on the Road to Hell” (1918) – Per Krogh

“Journey (32)” (2021) – Tewodros Hagos

“Mastermind” (2013) – Lars Elling

“Man I” (1975-9) – Sven Bolling

“Conditioned Reflex” (2011) – Toby Ziegler

Finally, the award-winning The Age/ L’Eta by Emma Talbot:

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