I went to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition at White Cube gallery in Bermondsey. In the 9x9x9 gallery: This one reminded me of Brueghel’s winter landscapes, especially when seen from the further side of the room. Approaching closer, the figures look artificially added, with inconsistent shadow patterns around their feet. However this might be an […]

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City Of Flags

I could see some street parties occurring in south London yesterday, as I went by on the train. A barbecue went on near our flats today, though I didn’t see any bunting. There was plenty in the supermarket however. Today we went to Peckham to see the 2022 run of the Bold Tendencies show on […]

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The Cratered Landscape

I went to the Barbican Centre to see some exhibitions. First of all, Postwar Modern. The entrance features the photograph of Lee Miller in Hitler’s bath (1945) and a big list of everyone included: I can’t include pictures of every single item, but here are the thematic details from the handout and a selection of […]

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Identity Theft

I watched Dead Ringers, the David Cronenberg film in which Jeremy Irons played identical twins who had closely-connected lives and careers, which included swapping partners who were unaware that they were sometimes sleeping with a different brother than the one they expected. But that was just the entree for watching 2 other older films in […]

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The Apple And After

I went to The Ritzy in Brixton to see the new film Men, written and directed by Alex Garland. The viewing was about half full and I think there was one walk-out. The story is centred around Harper, a young professional woman living in central London. We don’t know exactly what she does but we […]

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