Girls With Guns

I watched Assassination Nation (2018) because I saw a DVD of it for sale for £3. I remember it being advertised on the London Underground when it came out and it looked vaguely interesting but the cinema run ended very quickly. The odd thing about watching it now is that that the 2016-8 context seems […]

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Fox Hollies

I hired a car to go up to the Midlands for 2 days. As I drove out through Hammersmith toward the A40 I saw Piers Corbyn and some of this mates outside the Police Station near Brook Green. On the motorway there were messages warning that there may be more traffic as a result of […]

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I watched the Netflix series The OA. This had 2 seasons of 8 episodes, in 2016 and 2019 and was then cancelled although allegedly 3 more seasons of plot had been conceived. The show starred and was part-written by Brit Marling. It has a lot in common with other works by Brit Marling. In Another […]

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Sleeping Sickness

I watched Awake (2021). This is another example of the ever-growing genre of catastrophe scifi films, in which a global pandemic or similar event is portrayed as being quite different and worse than the actual experience in recent memory. Surprisingly little has said by conspiracists to suggest that this is part of a globalist propaganda […]

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The Source Of The Nile

I went to see In The Black Fantastic at the Hayward Gallery. It contains works from 11 living artists and also 1 dead one. Here is as much as I’ve got from the usable pictures I took (not everything comes out well and videos never look good). I added links where you can see things […]

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Edge Of The City

I watched The Man Without A Map (1968), the film version of The Ruined Map by Kobo Abe. Abe wrote the screenplay; the variations in the plot compared to the novel are minor and unimportant. We start straight away in the cafe and skip the first chapter where the detective visits the wife of the […]

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E Pluribus Funk

I watched some old sci-fi films. Def-Con 4 (1985) starts with a highly topical framing device. You speak too soon, my friend. However we first get a long slow introduction to the crew of the Nemesis mission, a US space station armed with nuclear missiles. We see the crew listening to messages from home, from […]

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Meshed Bodies

I went to the White Cube in Bermondsey to see the new shows. First of all, As If, Almost by Louise Giovanelli. “Prairie” closer, from an angle: Stop Bath by Danica Lundy: These pictures show bodies blended together from different resolutions and imaging techniques – the internal structures, and the mechanical devices interacting with, sometimes […]

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Daddy Issues

I watched The Good Father (1986). We start with a grey, sad London scene. Bill Hooper (played by Anthony Hopkins) is spending time with his son Christopher before taking him back to mum Emmy (played by Harriet Walter). They split up some time ago and relations between them are quite tense, as Emmy has a […]

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Clunk Click

I watched the new BFI Flipside release of The Appointment (1981). We start in the corner of a field in southern England (we’re not far from the M3, according to some road signs we see later on). A voiceover reads from an unreleased Police file about the case of a missing schoolgirl, Sandy Freemark. She […]

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