The Source Of The Nile

I went to see In The Black Fantastic at the Hayward Gallery. It contains works from 11 living artists and also 1 dead one.

Here is as much as I’ve got from the usable pictures I took (not everything comes out well and videos never look good). I added links where you can see things better.

Nick Cave:

“Soundsuit 9:29” (2022)

“Soundsuit” (2014)

“Soundsuit” (2010)

Several views of “Chain Reaction”:

The back wall is filled with “Wallwork” (2022), a collaboration with Bob Faust. Closer:

Wangechu Mutu:

“Madame Repeateat” (2010)

“The Backoff Dance” (2021)

“You were always on my mind” (2007)

“The screamer island dreamer”(2014)

“Sentinel V” (2021)

There is also the video installation “The End Of Eating Everything”, in which a medusa-like figure devours the universe:

Lina Iris Viktor:

Some sculptures and several paintings from the series “A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred.” representing the history of Liberia through a mixture of mythology and political and economic charts:

Hew Locke:

Several sculptures and paintings from the “How Do You Want Me?” series:

“Harbinger” (2022)

“Serpent Of The Nile” (2007)

Tabita Rezaire:

A pyramid displaying a video in which a discourse was occurring about concepts of gender and sexuality in African history and cultures.

Sedrik Chisom:

“The Drunk Cooldown Rhythms Capitulated By A Deserter Of The Southern Cross On Intimate Terms With Catastrophe” (2020)

“Medusa Wandered The Wetlands Of The Capital Citadel Undisturbed By Two Confederate Drifters Preoccupied By Poisonous Vapors That Stirred In The Night Air” (2021)

Rashaad Newsome:

This may refer to some of the hiphop used in the video:


“Beware” (2022)

“JOY!” (2022)

Two views of “Ansista” (2019):

From the video “Build or Destroy”:

Cauleen Smith:

“Epistrophy” (2018): A large assembly of items on a table, with video cameras inserted into the scene and relaying to the screens in the background.

She also does a series of small paintings replicating the covers of editions of books she has loved.

Kara Walker:

The film is “Prince McVeigh and the Turner Blasphemies” (2021):

Chris Ofili:

“Kiss (Calypso & Odysseus)” (2019)

“Odyssey 11” (2019)

“Kiss (Odysseus & Calypso)” (2019)

Ellen Gallagher:

From the series “Watery Ecstatic” (2021):

Gallagher also chose to include the work of a dead artist: Albert Eckhout (c.1610 – 1665), who painted “Portrait Of An African Man” (c.1641) when he travelled to the Dutch colony in Brazil.

The source of the Nile was discovered by Europeans in 1858, however it was already known to the Africans who lived nearby it. The picture at the start is from the original sleeve art on The Nubians Of Plutonia by Sun Ra, who is one of many other artists discussed in the excellent exhibition guide.

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