Master Of Puppets

I went to Downing Street to see Spaffer The Big Dog taken on his final sad trip to the vet, but he had already gone. Yesterday I was also in the office. I expected we would have some announcement by 6 or 7pm so I went round to Parliament Square to see if any flash […]

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Cheap Nylons

I read Dead Fashion Girl by Fred Vermorel. This is mostly concerned with the unsolved murder of Jean Townsend in 1954, but it radiates outwards from that topic to take in its author’s feelings about the 1950s generally, a world full of mysteries and monsters he didn’t understand at the time. Rather than repeat all […]

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The Primal Scream

I watched The Shout (1978). It starts with a car pulling up at some institution in the countryside. Rachel Fielding (Susannah York) has been called as there has been some incident. She is directed to the dining room which seems to have been turned into a temporary morgue, with bodies laid out under sheets on […]

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