Depth Charges

I watched Yakamoz S-245. There are 7 episodes. There is a cliffhanger ending leaving open the possibility the story could be continued. The story begins with the big fire in the sky. There’s something wrong with the Sun. Some sort of eruption occurs, releasing a blob of matter. We are told later that a “gamma […]

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The Empty Ballroom

We went to Wales. I hired a car on Friday and we left early on Saturday. We reached Llandeilo by midday. Along the way we saw many fields of solar panels and wind turbines. Masking and other restrictions are now not bothered with at motorway services, I only saw 1 person wearing a mask over […]

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I watched Katla. There are 8 episodes. The story is set mostly in the small town of Vik, close by the volcano Katla. In the story, Katla has been active again in the past year and so the town has been mostly evacuated. Any visitors need a permit, dependent on having a reason to cross […]

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True Truth

I’ve been watching the 1971 BBC adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1936 novel Eyeless In Gaza. Every episode starts with the sight of a slow grinding wheel, and the sparse, mournful theme music composed by Richard Holmes, with stabs of menacing notes at the end. A problem with adapting Eyeless In Gaza is that the novel […]

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We went to see the Reframed exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery. The show brings together a variety of art works that use the image of a female visible at a window or other portal. This theme is traced back to classical works, and then followed in portrait paintings from the Renaissance onwards. As it gets […]

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Trompe Le Monde

I went to see Nope at The Ritzy in Brixton. There were about 40 people attending the 17:30 screening, which had a special warning. Before the start, there were many adverts encouraging young people to consider careers in the RAF, the Army, and the Metropolitan Police. There were trailers for: Don’t Worry Darling, which looks […]

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We travelled down to Hampshire for the weekend. First we got the train to Clapham Junction, and got out on the street for a break. We’d left earlier than planned, which was a good idea since it turned out our expected connection was late leaving Waterloo “due to a shortest of train crew” or something […]

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Seule Ce Soir

I’ve been watching the 1970 BBC adaptation of Sartre’s Roads To Freedom novels. This is now being repeated on a digital channel but I was given the 13 episodes as video files a few months ago, and my ones include the little clapperboard moments at the start, where a fruity, bored English voice counts down […]

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After Strange Gods

Last year I saw the video documentary Munted, Random about someone in the “Mens Rights” movement. Now I have seen a rough cut of the new video from the same director, Liam Porter. Whovian Woes is about someone involved in the “alt-Right” movement. Both films include footage recorded over the course of the past decade. […]

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