The Empty Ballroom

We went to Wales. I hired a car on Friday and we left early on Saturday. We reached Llandeilo by midday. Along the way we saw many fields of solar panels and wind turbines.

Masking and other restrictions are now not bothered with at motorway services, I only saw 1 person wearing a mask over the 4 stops we made there and back.

Here are some pictures from Llandeilo, starting with the Fire Station:

A new renovation project underway at the old market hall:

Near the train station:

On Sunday we drove over to Llandovery. There was a lot of noise in the distance as some sort of event for bikers was underway, and we passed many on the journey. We went in a dining room on the other side of a Ball Room not in use during the day:

I bought many Welsh newspapers. They all had articles going in to detail about the household energy crisis expected to break in the next few months, so I have only selected a few of those here:

Camarthen Journal, August 24th:

South Wales Echo, August 27th:

Western Daily Press, August 27th:

Weekend Argus, for Augusts 27/28th:

This paper has a World News page which mentioned Putin, and also the return of the Benin Bronzes.

Western Mail, August 27th:

Main paper has 4 pages about energy crisis including the views of Nadhim Zahawi, Martin Lewis, and the Labour spokesperson. Weekend magazine has a lead story about LGBT+ activists.

Wales On Sunday, August 28th:

South Wales Echo, August 29th:

South Wales Evening Post, August 29th:

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