Conspicuous Consumption

I went to see Flux Gourmet at BFI South Bank. This was originally slated to be shown on the NFT3 screen but was moved yesterday to the Studio screen. I was one of about 20 people watching. It is the latest film written and directed by Peter Strickland. That was the reason I went to […]

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Painting Surfaces

I went to see Body Politics, the exhibition of Carolee Schneemann’s work at the Barbican. The show starts with Schneemann’s paintings from the late 50s. In the early 60s Schneemann started breaking the physical structure of her paintings, whilst still retaining the expressive surfaces. Schneemann moved on to working in “assemblages” in the early 60s, […]

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National Mourning

I saw some new exhibitions that started in the week after the Royal funeral. First of all, at the small StolenSpace Gallery near Brick Lane, they have the Queen’s image overlaid with the names of their 2 new collections. Buried Beneath The Surface looks like this: I Used To Be Happy looks like this: Because […]

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The Vance Packard Death Trip

I went to see Don’t Worry Darling. The film is excellent. All the background saga around its creation and promotion simply adds a further ironic layer to the story, about unreal worlds being manipulated by male protagonists who are never a crucial creative force. Even before it became a story in itself I wanted to […]

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Test Drive

I went to see Clutch at Bush Theatre. I booked for this first night performance a while ago, before we knew of today’s big event. The theatre never seemed to be in doubt they were going ahead in spite of that, though I did get a message that this show was to be taken as […]

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Farewell Cheerless Marshes

On September 8th I was working at home and was ignoring the internet as it was dominated by reactions to Liz Truss becoming PM. So I was surprised when m’darling told me that the news was coming in of an event at Balmoral. I went out to the supermarket, which seemed a little emptier than […]

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Forcibly Removed

I went to see The P Word at Bush Theatre. At the Theatre there is also currently a display of photographs. The play is in the main Holloway Theatre, arranged with a central stage and seating on all 4 sides. The central circular stage can rotate, and for most of the first Act the 2 […]

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I watched the 8 episodes of Feria: The Darkest Light (original: Feria: La Luz Mas Oscura). The story begins a while ago, as we fly down in to the Andalusian town of Feria. We enter the mineshaft nearby and see a man tied up, just before an explosion collapses the tunnel he is in. Cut […]

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Colour In To Space

I went to see the Leon Wuidar exhibition at White Cube in Masons Yard. These are the works: There really is a slight curve to the left hand pink/yellow boundary, it’s not a slip due to how I was holding the camera.

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Velocity Exhibition

I went to see the new David Cronenberg film Crimes Of The Future. But in the days before I did that, I rewatched the old David Cronenberg film Crimes Of The Future (1970). Adrian Tripod was a researcher at the dermatological clinic called the House Of Skin. He was under the influence of the scientific […]

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