African Figures

I went to White Cube in Bermondsey for the new exhibition Amongst The Living.

From the notes:

Seywi Awa Camara’s work:

Untitled (2004)

Untitled (2019)

Untitled (1999)

Closer details on the 1999 sculpture:

More sculptures:

Untitled (2000-4)

Untitled (2019), Untitled (2019)

Untitled (2019)

Untitled (1983)

2 sides of “Untitled (Janus)” (2019):

Untitled (2019)

Untitled (2000)

Closer look at Untitled (2000):

The film of Camara at work:

Michael Armitage’s paintings:

“Curfew (Likoni, March 27, 2020)” (2022)

“Forest” (2022)

“Homecoming” (2021)

“Mother’s Milk” (2022)

“Account of an Illiterate Man” (2020)

“Amongst The Living” (2022)

“Dead Soldiers” (2022)

“The Perfect Nine” (2022)

“Personal Thoughts (Asshole)” (2022)

“Warigia” (2022)

“Ciru (Kericho, January 2008)” (2022)

“Three Boys at Dawn” (2022)

“Cave” (2021)

“Witness” (2022)

“You, Who Are Still Alive” (2022)

“Holding Cell” (2021)

“Dandora (Xala, Musicians)” (2022)

“Head of Koitalel” (2021)

Closer look at “Head of Koitalel”:

Smaller works on the back wall:


“The Long Walk Home (Xala)” (2020)

“Ol Ngoroi Rock” (2020)

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