Away And Back

I went for a quick day trip away from London. I was waiting for a bus at 6.30 when a police car stopped by to ask if anyone had heard an old lady’s scream, which had been reported. No one had heard it, and a few minutes later the car reappeared having circled round the block and headed away again.

I got off the bus at Lambeth Town Hall just as the crowds were coming out of Electric Brixton. Many of them ended up dozing off on the northbound Victoria Line with me. I changed at Oxford Circus to get to Marylebone.

I got the train to Aylesbury Vale Parkway.

In the Tescos in Bicester this isn’t much of a promise as it doesn’t have much longer to run:

The press was in crisis:

I met up with an old friend and we drove on to Redditch. We had a day of looking at what was new and old, and a new place full of old things.

The old cinema has long been a Wetherspoons, where they have notices like this:

The new place:

We had a day off school for this:

Outside the library was a protest about its planned closure and transfer of stock to Worcester. There is also a new memorial to John Bonham, the Led Zeppelin drummer:

And then after a few hours I did the journey in reverse. Here’s what the local papers were saying along the way:

Banbury Guardian, Thursday October 13th:

Bicester Advertiser, Thursday October 13th:

The Oxford Times, Thursday October 13th:

Oxford Mail, Saturday October 15th:

Redditch Advertiser, Wednesday October 12th:

Birmingham Post, Thursday October 13th:

Birmingham Mail, Saturday October 15th:

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