Leaf Structures

I went to see the Gabriel Orozco exhibition Diario de Plantas at Masons Yard.

In the upper gallery there is one large canvas and several smaller ones, which look as though they may have been studies for the larger work. The arrangement suggested a series, as the content of the smaller pictures was of increasing detail and colour – however, one of the gallery people said they were not arranged as such a group.

“Pepper Plant” (2022)

The smaller pieces:

“23.11.22 (bbb)”, “23.11.22 (xx)” (2022)

“Plant Journal 1” (2022)

“3.1.22 (a) #5” (2022)

“24.XII.21 (a) #4” (2021)

“29.1.22 (a) #18” (2022), “6.IV.22 (a) #21” (2022)

“19.XI.21 (o)” (2021)


“Frog” (2022)

“Dragonflies” (2022)

“Plant Journal 3” (2022), “Plant Journal 5” (2022), “Plant Journal 4” (2022)

“Crab” (2022)

Closer on “Crab”:

“24.I.22 (b) #13” (2022)

“Pineapple” (2022)

Closer on “Pineapple”:

“Plant Journal 2” (2022)

“Turtle” (2022)

“Lobster” (2022)

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