Vessel Of Wrath

I watched 1899 on Netflix. Although it has credits stating it is the work of human creators, I had a convincing impression it was the first AI-generated science fiction story, made by an artificial neural net trained on all films and series made since about 1989. The fact that the twist ending is taken from […]

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Transhuman Clay

I went to see the David Altmejd exhibition at Masons Yard. The exhibition guide: The hare figure, which is entitled “The Vector”, made in 2022, from various angles: Downstairs to the other works – there is toothpaste smeared on the walls and around other exhibits, and I was told we are to take this as […]

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Apocalypse Brand

I went to see the new show Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally by Harland Miller at the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey. What the downloaded guide says: The work: In the bookshop, the retrospective catalogue with other works. He earlier worked in more explicit referencing of old paperback cover layouts. Much of this current set is […]

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Weaponry Listens To Love

I watched Sky West And Crooked, the 1966 film directed by John Mills and starring his daughter Hayley. The story begins from the point of view of someone holding a gun in the peaceful English countryside. It settles upon a young girl, who identifies the gun-holder as the young boy Julian. They chase off together, […]

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We travelled North again, like we did last December. On Thursday we took the train from Marylebone to Warwick Parkway, and had a drive to Redditch. On Friday we drove up the M5, M6 and M62 to Widnes. As I wasn’t driving the way up this time I was able to take some pictures of […]

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Bloods Day

Today I had my annual trip to Hammersmith Hospital to check my health as a former in-patient at the Catherine Lewis Centre. The appointment was made after the last one last year. My first surprise, re-entering the hospital one year later is that an old friend who had always been absent was now no longer present-in-absence: “On […]

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We went to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see M.K.Ciurlionis: Between Worlds. In the gift shop they have stocked several items for anyone who shares Ciurlionis’s interest in esoteric ideas and astrology. I had a look at a copy of Art Of The Baltic States and saw this picture and quote from the Latvian artist Karlis […]

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I watched 2 films that had characters getting involved with the pornography industry. Both of them revealed the inner workings of that industry as far as possible, and both of them used the subject as a way in to more general moral questions. Hardcore (1979) was scripted by Paul Schrader, who also wrote Taxi Driver […]

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Ways Of Worldmaking

I went to see the exhibition The World We Make, paintings by Amy Sherald, at Hauser & Wirth on Savile Row. The gallery space is 2 parts of the building, that do not have a direct internal connection, so you have to enter twice off the street. The paintings are large canvases. In the smaller […]

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Tech Dinosaurs

The big storm in a small world this week was that Twitter was suddenly a hostile environment after it was taken over by Elon Musk. Prior to this unexpected event, the site was an anarchist co-operative in which workers councils fairly distributed the profits obtained by running their software on naturally-occurring server farms growing in […]

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