Peninsular Designs

We went to North Greenwich to see the Human Stories: The Satirists show at Now Gallery.

First of all, Bubi Canal‘s works:

Top row: “Island” (2019), “Tuchi” (2022), “Union III” (2019)

Middle row: “Joy Is Real” (2019), “Cosmovision” (2019), “Union IV” (2019)

Bottom row: “Cosmovision ” (2019), “Dark Haired Girl” (2022), “Union V” (2019)

Thy Tran‘s works:

“Panda’s Portrait In Bed” (2020)

“Orchids” (2020)

“Panda’s Portrait” (2020)

“Panda’s Portrait On A Cake” (2020)

Nguyen Smith‘s work:

“Pulling Cart Bending Backwards” (2017)

“Pulling Cart Holding Palm” (2017)

“Pulling Cart I & I” (2017)

There were also 2 video displays but they didn’t come out at all clear in my photographs.

Stephen Tayo‘s work:

“Rollers Plenty” (2022)

“Buff Up” (2022)

“I Get Your Size 2” (2022)

“Everyday Na Celebration 1” (2022)

“Everyday Na Celebration 2” (2022)

“Package Yourself” (2022)

“Buy Your Fan Heat Dey 2” (2022)

“Gucci Dey Learn 2” (2022)

A video:

“Which Lagos You Dey 1” (2022)

Thandiwe Muriu‘s work:

“Camo 2.0 3953” (2018)

“Camo 23” (2021)

“Camo 2.0 4322” (2018)

Leonard Suryajaya‘s work:

“Monkey Proxy” (2022)

“Temp Check” (2022)

“I Made My Friends Lit” (2022)

Closer detail of “I Made My Friends Lit”:

The entire backdrop of that side of the show is “No Baby No Cry” (2022):

Next to the Now Gallery is a display of other marvels of modern Greenwich:

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