Ways Of Worldmaking

I went to see the exhibition The World We Make, paintings by Amy Sherald, at Hauser & Wirth on Savile Row.

The gallery space is 2 parts of the building, that do not have a direct internal connection, so you have to enter twice off the street. The paintings are large canvases. In the smaller room, there are 3 works:

“A God Blessed Land (Empire Of Dirt)” (2022)

“Deliverance” (2022) – two panels

“Kingdom” (2022)

In the other room there are 6 works.

“As soft as she is” (2022)

“A certain kind of happiness” (2022)

“A certain kind of happiness” (2022)

“To tell her story you must walk in her shoes” (2022)

“He meant for all things to meet” (2022)

“For love, and for country” (2022)

In the bookshop there was a selection laid out alongside the exhibition book:

Ways Of Worldmaking was a book about painting realistic pictures.

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