We went to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see M.K.Ciurlionis: Between Worlds.

“Rex (Sketch I & Sketch II)” (1904)

“Morning” (1903/4)

“News” (1904/5)

“Creation Of The World VI” (1905/6)

“Hymn I-III” (1906)

“Forest” (1906)

“Sorrow I” (1906/7)

“Sorrow II” (1906/7)

“Fairy Tale I” (1907)

“Fairy Tale II” (1907)

“Fairy Tale III” (1907)

“The Sun” (1907)

“Sonata Of The Stars: Allegro” (1908)

“Sonata Of The Stars: Andante” (1908)

“Sonata Of The Pyramids: Allegro” (1909)

“Sonata Of The Pyramids: Andante” (1909)

“Sonata Of The Pyramids: Scherzo” (1909)

“The Altar” (1909)

“Lightning” (1909)

“Rex” (1909)

“Angels (Paradise)” (1909)

In the gift shop they have stocked several items for anyone who shares Ciurlionis’s interest in esoteric ideas and astrology.

I had a look at a copy of Art Of The Baltic States and saw this picture and quote from the Latvian artist Karlis Padegs.

We also saw the display of works by Anthony Daley, Son Of Rubens. These large canvases seem to be swirls of colour at first, but then the figure of a seated man seems to be suggested in all of them. Here are a few:

“Nubian warmth”, “Pushed by breath”



The picture at the start is a detail from “Sonata Of The Sea: Andante” (1908).

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