We travelled North again, like we did last December.

On Thursday we took the train from Marylebone to Warwick Parkway, and had a drive to Redditch. On Friday we drove up the M5, M6 and M62 to Widnes. As I wasn’t driving the way up this time I was able to take some pictures of the M5/M6 junction, though sadly they don’t capture the magnificence of it all.

We listened to the BBC World Service on the car radio, which had a long depressing broadcast about the latest state of the war in Tigray. We stopped at Keele services, which is in the picture at the top. Along the M62 there is a new big warehouse under construction, so far just a huge glittering steel skeleton.

In Westbank in Widnes there was some new graffiti naming someone as a NONCE. The relative we were visiting was investigating whether to get solar panels fitted to his house, and idea that is popular in the area. We went out to a pub and the TV screens were full of images of the World Cup preparations.

I drove the journey back, through the dark and the rain. Back in Redditch we saw the Christmas decorations already up in Headless Cross.

Today we were driven back to Warwick Parkway and got the train back to Marylebone. In the station we heard some young people chattering about being at a demo, but we didn’t see what it was about.

Here’s what was in the papers:

Redditch Advertiser Wednesday November 16th:

Widnes Weekly News Thursday November 17th:

Birmingham Post Thursday November 17th:

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald Thursday November 17th:

Birmingham Mail Saturday November 19th:

Despite what I thought last year, the Redditch Advertiser still exists but the Standard may be defunct.

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