Apocalypse Brand

I went to see the new show Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally by Harland Miller at the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey.

What the downloaded guide says:

The work:

“If” (2022)

“If (Painting For A Public Sculpture)” (2022)

“Win” (2022)

“Kiss” (2022)

“Numb” (2022)

“If” (2022)

“Vex” (2022)

“Far Out” (2022)

“Nude” (2022)

“Luv” (2022)

“Oops” (2022)

“Kiss” (2022)

“Prophecy Protozoa” (2022)

“Pressure (After Kishio Suga)” (2022)

“Promises” (2022)

“Problems” (2022)

“Compared To Everything Nothing Matters” (2022)

“In Shadows I Boogie” (2022)

“Demons Are Forever (After Asger Jorn)” (2022)

“Imminent End Rescheduled Eternally” (2022)

“Overcoming Optimism” (2022)

“Up As A Superposition” (2022)

“R U OK” (2022)

“Define Worried” (2022)

“Hz So Good” (2022)

“Untitled 2 (silver)”, “Untitled 1 (silver)”, “Untitled 3 (silver)” – (all 2022)

In the bookshop, the retrospective catalogue with other works.

He earlier worked in more explicit referencing of old paperback cover layouts. Much of this current set is updating to the paperback cover styles of the 80s and 90s. These two watercolours were painted in 2010:

Walking up Bermondsey Street I saw some advertising posters:

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