Transhuman Clay

I went to see the David Altmejd exhibition at Masons Yard.

The exhibition guide:

The hare figure, which is entitled “The Vector”, made in 2022, from various angles:

Downstairs to the other works – there is toothpaste smeared on the walls and around other exhibits, and I was told we are to take this as an integral part of the show, as all leading back to “Glitch” (2022).

“The Magician I” (2022)

“9^3” (2022)

L-R: “Twin Flame” (2022), “Young Man” (2022), “The Other” (2022)

“Twin Flame” (2022)

“Dusk” (2022), “Killer Whale” (2022), “!” (2022)

“The Future” (2022), “Dusk” (2022)
“Stargazing” (2022), “The Man And The Whale” (2022) “Old Woman” (2022)

Closer on “The Man And The Whale”:

“Red Bat” (2022), closer on “Stargazing”(2022)

“Standing Figure” (2022), “Glitch” (2022)

“Red Bat” (2022), “Leap” (2022)

“Hare” (2022)

“The Mother” (2022), “Rabbit Head” (2022)

Two views of “Gust” (2022):

“Swan Song” (2022), “The Clearing” (2022), “Hermes” (2022)

“Rising” (2022)

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