I read a few books printed recently that can count as memoirs from “the counterculture” of the 1970s, presented from various angles. Then I read a short work from the middle of the period itself, that can be taken as an attempted manifesto for the times. Just before I was going to start writing this […]

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The King’s Speech

We went for our final trip of the year, out to Wales. We hired a car and drove across London to get to the M4. On a traffic island near Wandsworth Bridge we saw a tent set up, but not sure if it was currently inhabited. At fuel stops along the motorway I noticed several […]

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The Megalithic Yard

I watched the series Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix. This was labelled as a documentary but it was the presentation of the ideas of Graham Hancock, who is classified as a crank. I watched it to see how he presented himself and his ideas. I think Hancock is interesting for reasons that have little to do […]

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Camberwell Contemporaries

I went to see the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022 exhibition at South London Gallery. There is a special website with details of all the artists, including the video creators whose works I can’t easily capture here. What you will see in the Main Gallery: The 2 parts of “There will be Time” (2021) by Rosalie […]

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Central Southern England

We went to Aylesbury to see some people. We got the train from Marylebone at 9.30 and went through the Aylesbury town centre, not the Parkway stop. The first of many statues: In the shopping mall: In the market, the Flag Bag was on sale in anticpation of the football later: The statue of Disraeli: […]

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The Franchise Affair

I went to see Paradise Now! at Bush Theatre. I originally had a ticket for last Friday but that performance and also Saturday had to be cancelled due to illness in the cast. The show is in the main Holloway Theatre, arranged as a one-sided space with the performance on a raised stage. I think […]

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Haptic Feedback

I watched season 1 of The Peripheral on Amazon. It is based on a book by William Gibson. The ending was open to the possibility of their being further seasons. I have not read the book and do not know how far the adaptation deviates, but Gibson himself is involved so we can assume it […]

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A Challenge

The week in which Lady Susan Hussey resigned from Buckingham Palace is the best time to watch The Kola Nut Does Not Speak English at Bush Theatre. The performance is in the Studio space, conventionally arranged with seats on 3 sides of the set. It now seems that Bush Theatre directors are reusing the same […]

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