Camberwell Contemporaries

I went to see the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022 exhibition at South London Gallery.

There is a special website with details of all the artists, including the video creators whose works I can’t easily capture here.

What you will see in the Main Gallery:

“Can We Be Sincere When Much Water Has Passed Under the Bridge” – Tom Bull (2022)

The 2 parts of “There will be Time” (2021) by Rosalie Wammes:

“À Procura Do Que Não Está Perdido (Searching For What Isn’t Lost)” – Catarina Ludovico (2022)

“Symphony of The Libertine” – Jemisha Maadhavji (2019)

“A Letter To Kev” (2021) and several views of “A Phone in London (winter)” (2022) by Zearo:

“Mirror Mother” (2021), “And after that my brother saved me” (2021) – Lorena Levi

“Ancestral Landline” (2021) – Ciara Otuokere

“Verbalise Vase” (2022) – Steph Huang

“Startled” (2021) – Abi Ola

Several views of “IRL (In Real Life)” (2021) by Kate Surridge:

“Lassie and Man with Patterned Shirt – Bamako” (2019), “Dancing Under The Coconut Tree – Bamako” (2019), “On the Dancefloor” (2019) – Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson also made the hanging near the main door, although there is no caption for it:

“Backseat snacking: cream puffs and cheese puffs” (2021) – Leily Moghtader Mojdehi

“Carnival #1” (2020) – Rudy Loewe

“Cosmic Memento Black” (2021) – Theresa Weber

The many parts of “Enter the Fortress: Play well, Eat well, Sleep well” (2021) by Meitao Qu:

“Velveteen Gasp” (2021), “Spider Lashes” (2021) – Charlotte Edey

“God has no time for you” (2022) – Danying Chen

“There is this stupendous thing of beauty called Compassion; and therefore, the world exists” (2022) – Divya Sharma

Over at the Old Fire Station:

“Mary Galvin” (2022) by Josh Clague:

“Disassembling Bed” (2021) by Eva Hopper:

“Strand System” (2021) – Adam Boyd

“Entanglement Study” (2021) by Nicole Sheppard:

“Red is the colour of…” (2019-21) by Lou Baker:

“End to Continual Cycles of Exhaustion” (2019) – Kneed

“A Sight of Lavender Pungency” (2021) by Gabriel Kidd:

“Kathleen” (2020), “David” (2021) – Deborah Hobson

“Minors Mining” (2020) – Beverley Onyangunga

“Piece in transition” (2021) – Yun Kim

“Dislocation within Location” (2021), “Universal Event” (2021) – Mehmil Nadeem

“Room For Doubt” (2021) by Andre Williams:

“Life Gets Harder, Trackies Grow Thicker” (2021) – Winnie Hall

“Perhaps it’s a Stomach Ulcer Due to Repressed Childhood Trauma” (2020) – Francesca Dobbe

“Emma’s Furisode” (2020) – Emma Todd

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