Rebellious Vortex

I went to see the Helen Saunders exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery.

On the first floor, next door to the Medieval and Early Renaissance selection. Here are some of those:

And so on to Helen.

“Canal” (c.1913)

“Tree” (c.1913)

“Mother and child with elephant (1)” (c.1914-22)

“Portrait of a woman” (c.1913)

“Hammock” (c.1913-4)

“Vorticist study with bending figure” (c.1914)

“Cabaret” (c.1913-4)

“Vorticist composition, black and white [large]” (c.1915)

“Vorticist composition with figures, black and white” (c.1915)

“Vorticist composition (Black and Khaki?)” (c.1915)

“Vorticist composition, yellow and green (formerly ‘Gulliver in Lilliput’)” (c.1915)

“Vorticist composition, blue and green” (c.1915)

“View of L’Estaque” (c.1920-9)

The site also mentions the work to uncover Saunders’s work literally painted over by Lewis’s “Praxitella” (1921). By 1929 Lewis had repudiated a lot of earlier avant-gardism he was involved, and Time And Western Man (1927) has chapters reviewing negatively the latest works of Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein.

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