Abstract Objections

I went to some places.

First, at the Stolen Space gallery on Osborn Street, there is Portraying Portraiture:

Also Emerge, by Sabek:

Over to the Whitechapel Gallery for Action, Gesture, Performance: Feminism, the Body and Abstraction.

“Transparent Balloon And Nude” (1968) – Jude Kangja.

“Up to and including Her limits” [11 performance photos] (1974-6) – Carolee Schneemann.

Carolee Schneemann recently had her own retrospective at the Barbican. A video of one of her performances was the art work that was experiencing technical difficulties.

“Butterfly” (1975) – Ana Mendieta

“Analogue Magnetism (for Takehisa Kosugi)” (1974) – Shigeko Kubota

“Pearl Primus dancing, likely at Cafe Society Downtown” (1945) – Pearl Primus

“Ich Schiofend (I am sleeping)” (1977/8) – Annegret Boltau

“Defloriazione in 14 Stazioni (Defloration in 14 Stations)” (1977) – Renate Bertlmann

In the display cabinets:

Outside the room, Escape the Slick:

There was a couple sitting on the sofa and I have cut them out of the image entirely because I was in a hurry and I didn’t mention I was going to put these pictures on the internet. You can just barely make out the top of a head in this and the next picture.

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