Gardens Of Pain

I went to see the new exhibition Posadila sam kost u zimskom vrtu by TARWUK at White Cube Mason’s Yard.

These are the works and the titles as given, notice that they include backwards-writing in English as well as Yugoslav place names.

“MRTISKLAAH_yrteop_fo_lliH_a_ma_I” (2022)

“MRTISKLAAH_serised_s’noteahP_yb_desuac_llirht_citehporp_A” (2022)

The sculpture “KLOSKLAS_11.1.1968.litsirePinevrC” (2022):

“MRTISKLAAH_!su_tnahcne_ot_gnirepsihw_seciov_suoutpuloV” (2022)

Going downstairs…

“MRTISKLAAH_sgnik_fo_maerd_uoy_dna_doolb_sllub_etihw_htiw_dekaos_si_dnal_ehT” (2022)

“MRTISKLAAH_.tsap_eht_fo_dna_erutuf_eht_fo_seciov_gniraeh_peek_yehT” (2022)

The sculpture “KLOSKLAS_1969_evitisoP_elbuoD” (2022):

“KLOSKLAS_tejivc” (2022)

“MRTISKLAAH_kcab_secalp_dna_seirutnec_ekat_uoy_retfA” (2022)

The sculpture “KLOSKLAS_kinemopS” (2022):

“MRTISKLAAH_uoY_saw_I_erofeb_nomlas_dna_kwah_a_saw_I_,raob_a_saw_I_,gats_a_saw_I” (2022)

“KLOSKLAS_ajicautiS54” (2022):

“MRTISKLAAH_droW_eht_fo_esnecnI_eulb_A” (2022)

“KLOSKLAS_amug_anzarp1” (2022):

“MRTISKLAAH_stserof_eht_evoba_pihs_dnuob_nevaeH” (2022)

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