Cosmic Switchboard

I watched The Vast Of Night (2019). It starts as we track in to what seems to be a US suburban home of the 1950s. We hear the TV and a series of images at the start of a new broadcast. V/O: You are entering the realm between clandestine and forgotten. A slipstream caught between […]

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Amnesia Of The Future

I watched some films centred around journeys. Two of them were by Chris Marker. This was the right preparation for seeing a more recent British film. La Jetee (1962) is a short post-apocalyptic “photo-roman” set in France in the future. It is composed of still images and a voiceover by an unseen narrator. It begins […]

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The Brutality Of Flats

I went to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. They had a big show on at the moment, and also another one that just ended but still has an exhibit remaining: On the second floor: The big show is Horror In The Modernist Block: At the entrance was a screen showing several films in sequence. Here […]

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Three Years

I saw that mark on a floor of a health centre yesterday. I took someone along to see a podiatrist. That’s one of the few remaining places where I can still see the old 2020 Lockdown signage still in place. Elsewhere it’s been removed for so long that I can no longer make out the […]

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Bang To Rights

I watched all 39 episodes of Dial 999, which was originally broadcast 1958-9. It stars Robert Beatty as Detective Inspector Mike Maguire. He is employed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but he’s on secondment to the Metropolitan Police in London to learn about UK policing. So that premise allows for him to move around […]

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I was walking past StolenSpace Gallery on Osborn Street when I saw they had a new show on. It turns out not to be an exhibition resident for a few weeks but a short event about the Meridian project by Matt Deslauriers that will end midday tomorrow. So I got the details here. Close up […]

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The Terminal Beach

We went to see the new show Extinction Beckons by Mike Nelson at the Hayward Gallery. Outside the Gallery are some other public exhibits. We first saw Mike Nelson’s work when one of his earlier installations, “The Coral Reef“, was on display at Tate Britain in 2011, and we saw it at the same time […]

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