I was walking past StolenSpace Gallery on Osborn Street when I saw they had a new show on. It turns out not to be an exhibition resident for a few weeks but a short event about the Meridian project by Matt Deslauriers that will end midday tomorrow. So I got the details here.

Close up on the left hand work:

The yellow work next to it:

Other panels:

The great mosaic of smaller works:


Small reproductions given away free:

2 of those, scanned:

The books of the images:

Copies of Meridian for display only:

Other works by other digital artists:

Closer on Generative Hut:


The picture in the banner at the top is from this book, a work by Aaron Penne. This is all a bit reminiscent of the Electronic Superhighway exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery round the corner back in 2016. The idea of random electronic abstract art was part of John Sladek’s satirical sci-fi The Muller-Fokker Effect from over 50 years ago.

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