The Brutality Of Flats

I went to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. They had a big show on at the moment, and also another one that just ended but still has an exhibit remaining:

On the second floor:

The big show is Horror In The Modernist Block:

“Exit Sign” (2021) – Abbas Zahedi

At the entrance was a screen showing several films in sequence.

Here are 3 views of “Lithobolia Happy Meal” (2022) by Richard Hughes:

“Entourage 7, Rilleux-la-pape” (2017) – Karim Kai

“The Directorate” (2019) – Shezad Dawood

“Unit Object (sculpture garden)”, “Unit Object (landscape view)”, “Unit Object (gate)” – all (2014) by Seher Shah

On the second floor:

“Vanquished Space, Controlled Energy” (2022) – Laetitia Badaut Haussmann

Some views of “Notes From A City Unknown” (2021) by Seher Shah:

“An Early Road Before A Modern One” (2022) – Ola Hassanain

“System #1” (2019) – Firenze Lai

Two views of an untitled sculpture by Amba Sayal-Bennett:

“Spaghetti Junction” (2022) – Ismael Monticelli

“Entourage 1, Lyon/La Guillotiere” (2017) – Karim Kai

Two views of “Tower” (2019) by Monika Sosnowska:

I also went in the Tower Room, although it didn’t come out very well;

Brutality is something other artists have talked about.

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