Larval Forms

I went to White Cube Bermondsey to see 3 exhibitions currently on there.

First of all, Land by Samuel Ross.

“Others See It” (2022)

“Candles Burn” (2022)

“7 Hours” (2022)

“Smog” (2022)

“Upon III” (2022)

“Closer To Dissonance” (2022)

Closer look at the surface of “Closer To Dissonance”:

“Upon” (2022)

“Anew” (2022)

“9 Hours” (2022)

“Incense Holder By Concrete Objects” (2016)

Two views of “Body With Land” (2022):

Two views of “Distance Collapse In Heartland” (2022):

Two views of “Concave” (2022):

Then Ruach by Mimi Lauter:

All works are from 2022. All are “Untitled” except where not.



These are all “Untitled” except the one on the bottom right is “View of the Garden in Pink”:

Closer on the bottom left:

Closer on mid right:

“Autumn Passage”

Closer on “Autumn Passage”:

Finally, meys by Margaret Humeau:

There are 2 rooms. In the first, lighted room we have the “Study for The History of Old Kent Road (Post Kossowski)” (2023):


Around the room, at different elevations, “The History Of Old Kent Road (Post Kossowski) Fragments I-XII” (2023):




Those last 5 fragments form their own sequence:

The other room of meys is in the larger space, with subdued lighting. On the way in we can see the animation “Collective Effervescence” playing on a screen.

Inside, all of these works are from 2023:

“The Guardian Of New Yeast”

“The Lying Body”

Two views of “The Guardian Of The Fungus Garden”:

“The Honey Holder”

Three views of “The Holder Of The Wasp Venom”:

“The Guardian Of Termitomyces”, “The Guardian Of Ancient Yeast”

“The Forager For Honey”

“The Guardian Of Termitomyces”

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