Foreign Players

I went to South London Gallery.

At the Old Fire Station is Found Football Difficult by John Costi.

In Gallery 1:

The digitally printed towel is “Zorba’s Dance” (2023)

“Aphrodite” (2023)

The wall section of “Physical Education” (2023)

The device part of “Physical Education”:

As the gallery chap explained, it is possible to put coins next to the skeletal finger and the device will flick them to join the pile accumulated at the base of the wall.

Part of “The Big Three” (2023)

Part of “Big Bapou” (2023)

Part of “Big Bapou” (2023)

In Gallery 2:

Centre: “TRUE PLAYAZ” (2023), back wall: “JUMP!” (2023)

“Bro” (2023)

“TRUE PLAYAZ” (2023)



“JUMP!” (2023)

“JUMP!” (2023)

“JUMP!” (2023)

“JUMP!” (2023)

“JUMP!” (2023)

Over in the Main Gallery is Our Mountains Are Painted On Glass by Michelle Williams Gamaker.

Walking in to the hall we see lots of what seem to be advertising posters.

Walking around the partition we see a selection of what look like artefacts left over from the making of the film that is playing continuously.

In the film, the characters rebel against the marginal roles assigned to them, reduced in importance and made to play simplified or synthetic versions of their original sources. They turn against the director, screenwriter, and the actor who uses makeup and prosthetics to play “the Sultan”.

The time in which this film is not exactly any time in film history, just as the images it uses are not exactly authentic, and its portrayal of a Hindu God fuses together elements of Kali and Vishnu and others to make a western-imagined exotic idol.

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