The Court Of Death

We went to Watts Gallery Arts Village.

This needed a trip from West Norwood station…

…via Clapham Junction…

…to Guildford Station.

We got a taxi out to the Watts village.

Inside the Gallery, first of all the work of George Watts himself:

Also in the Watts Gallery is an exhibition of work by Halima Cassell, From The Earth.

The Virtues Of Unity collection:

“Gesso Panels” (2023)

“Voyage” (2009/2019)

Two views of “Germination” (2012):

Two views of “Bow Wave” (2012):

“Blue Tapestry” (1996/2019)

“Gesso Panel” (2023)

“Venn” (2023), “Eclipsis” (2023)

Then we go through to the very large exhibits created by George Watts.

“Medusa” (1846-7) credited to “G.F.Watts and assistants”

Cast Of “Medusa” credited to “unknown artist, unknown date”

The “contentious object” of “Physical Energy”:

The public contend:

The view outside:

We went down to the Watts Cemetery Chapel.

The words running around the ceiling, taken from Wisdom 3:1-4: “BUT THE SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS ARE IN THE HAND OF GOD THEIR HOPE IS FULL OF IMMORTALITY“.

Up at the Mausoleum was this sad story in two parts:

We went around towards the Watts’s old house, Limnerslease.

We’re not really supposed to take pictures inside Limnerslease as it contains some Watts artworks on loan from other owners, including “The Court Of Death” (belonging to the Tate) set up in George’s old studio. However I have these which I think shouldn’t be problematic, and you can see the admission price was changed from something else to Sixpence:

The interior has been restored as far as possible although there have been owners after the Watts who removed some of their decorations.

And so we went home again.

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