Femme Grise

We went to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the exhibition Berthe Morisot: Shaping Impressionism.

Along the road we saw adverts for other displays of the Gallery’s collection.

Inside the Gallery, some of the permanent collection.

“Joseph Receiving Pharoah’s Ring” (c.1733-5) – Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

“The Resurrection” (c. 1714-6) – Sebastiano Ricci

“The Nurture Of Jupiter” (c.1636-7) – Nicolas Poussin.

The exhibition:

“Self Portrait” (1885)

“In the Bois de Boulogne” (1870s)

“Woman at Her Toilette” (c.1875-1880)

“Reclining Woman In Grey” (1879)

“Girl on a Divan” (c.1885)

“The Fable” (1883)

“Julie Manet” (c.1889)

Julie was her daughter.

“Paule Gobillard Painting” (1885)

“Paule Gobillard in a Ballgown” (1887)

Also on display, in the Lupton Room, was Mary Beale: Experimental Secrets.

“Bartholomew Beale” (c.1670) – Sir Peter Lely

“Portrait of a Young Man” (c.1680) – Mary Beale

“Self Portrait ‘In Little'” (c.1675) – Mary Beale

“George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol” (1638) – Sir Anthony van Dyck

“James II as Duke of York” (c.1660-5) – John Greenhill

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