The Voyage Of The Space Beagle

I watched Memory: The Origins Of Alien. This is a documentary about the genesis of the 1979 sci-fi film Alien, which initially focuses on the ideas of the writer Dan O’Bannon, before shifting across to praising the iconic visionary genius etc. of H.R.Giger and Ridley Scott. Although I was too young to see Alien when […]

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Dead Pigeons

I went to see Harm at Bush Theatre, the first piece of live theatre I had seen since Overflow at Bush Theatre back in December. The bar is open but ordering has to be done from the tables in the other room. Entrance to the theatre is controlled through 3 portals, as done previously, with […]

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A Child’s Guide To Good & Evil

I saw 2 films about 14-year olds, made 50 years apart. I Start Counting! (1969) starts with the pleasant theme music performed by Lindsey Moore as we see the bedroom of young Wynne Kinch, played by Jenny Agutter, while she gets ready for school. We are soon told that Wynne is adopted, which is why […]

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Thoughts Without A Face

I watched A Glitch In The Matrix. I’ve always thought the Matrix films were total dogshit, fortunately they only play a slight role in this documentary. The film explores the influence of notions of simulated reality, which were popularized by the Matrix but were already in circulation from other science-fiction sources. The most influential is […]

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Broken Images

I had a look at the new exhibitions in the StolenSpace gallery. I had to get indoors, the streets outside were full of men sounding off opinions about the latest election results. Give Way is a series of metal works by Dan Rawlings, all road signs partially defaced or disintegrated, along with 2 larger pieces, […]

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Murder And Smile

I watched the BBC collection of Francis Durbridge Presents… Durbridge was a crime writer who contributed many serials that were shown from the 1950s onward. The earliest ones are all lost, either tape-wiped or perhaps never recorded, being performed live-to-air like most early TV drama. He also wrote the stories for the character Paul Temple […]

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Living On Video

Films about characters with superpowers are quite popular, so I thought I’d watch one. The one I chose was Shadey (1985) starring Anthony Sher and some other top actors. Unfortunately this is hard to view nowadays, as it was never on disc and only a short clip is on YouTube. Luckily we have a VHS […]

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The Jim Callaghan Rock Opera

I watched Rock Follies, originally broadcast in 2 seasons in 1976-7. I never saw it on TV but I liked the soundtrack albums when they were reissued in this century. I tried to watch the show in 2007 but I wasn’t in the right mood – however the world has changed enough since then to […]

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60 Seconds

We travelled to Redditch. I went by bus to the car rental and on the way saw the crowds gathering for the funfair opened at Crystal Palace. The car I got this time was much less tiresome than the previous one, and only added its own commentary to warn about proximity to the car in […]

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