• The People In The Playground
    One of the joys of social media seems to be the periodic reappearance of a piece of bad verse that begins “I remember the corned beef of my childhood…” and then swerves off in to a list of details about British life prior to about 1980, none of which are worth getting nostalgic about. I’ve […]
  • The Call Up
    We both got our call-up notices on Friday, with text messages from our GP advising that vaccination slots were now available, please click this link and book your time. We both chose this afternoon at 4pm and 4.30, and walked over to St.Paul’s Church at Thornton Heath. When we got there, 2 people in hi-vis […]
  • Time Capsule
    I felt it was the right time to watch The Last Train, the 6-part 1999 series about a group of travellers emerging from a period of suspended animation to discover that the modern world had been overtaken by a cataclysmic event. I recommend it to anyone feeling nostalgic for an innocent era when we just […]

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