• A Stranger Calls
    Today I finally got around to watching The Passing Of The Third Floor Back (1935) all the way through. I have had a very low-level obsession with this film ever since I saw about the last 10 minutes of it broadcast on Channel 4 in the daytime about 30 years ago. To be honest, I […]
  • Terra Incognita
    I went to see In The Earth. It is terrible. It is specifically terrible in the way when several quite good ideas are being thrown away without getting useful employment. Martin Lowry turns up at a lodge on the edge of a forest. He has to undergo medical testing and some attempt at masking and […]
  • The Heavy Mob
    I watched all 5 seasons of Strangers (1978-1982). This centres around the actions of the detective George Bulman, played by Don Henderson. I wanted to see it all as I had dim memories of seeing an episode long ago, and also some of the follow-up series Bulman (1985-7), featuring the character after he retired from […]

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