• Trompe Le Monde
    I went to see Nope at The Ritzy in Brixton. There were about 40 people attending the 17:30 screening, which had a special warning. Before the start, there were many adverts encouraging young people to consider careers in the RAF, the Army, and the Metropolitan Police. There were trailers for: Don’t Worry Darling, which looks […]
  • Perseids
    We travelled down to Hampshire for the weekend. First we got the train to Clapham Junction, and got out on the street for a break. We’d left earlier than planned, which was a good idea since it turned out our expected connection was late leaving Waterloo “due to a shortest of train crew” or something […]
  • Seule Ce Soir
    I’ve been watching the 1970 BBC adaptation of Sartre’s Roads To Freedom novels. This is now being repeated on a digital channel but I was given the 13 episodes as video files a few months ago, and my ones include the little clapperboard moments at the start, where a fruity, bored English voice counts down […]

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