• Rehabilitation
    I watched The Work, the 2017 documentary about the group therapy sessions run at Folsom Prison amongst long-term prisoners. The notes with the disc release make clear that this was a long project, taking up ten years of preparation before the filming could properly begin. Rob began to speak to the prison shot-callers of the […]
  • Sein Und Zeit
    I recently finished watching all 3 seasons of the German sci-fi series whose title is translated as The Dark. It is all available on Netflix, and I was watching with the option to hear it all overdubbed by American actors, with subtitles whenever the viewer was expected to understand text in the scene (including “POLIZEI”). […]
  • Imperial Measures
    I went to the South London Gallery. First I saw the exhibition of work by Rita Keegan. In Gallery 1 at the old Fire Station, is a large work bringing together several previous projects. There are 3 video displays replaying her old films Trophies Of Empire (1992), Rites Of Passage (1991), Outfit (1999) and a […]

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