• Tracks & Traces
    Yesterday I went down to Norwood High Street and saw that the cafe I visit most weeks has now removed its QR code notice, because “we had Freedom Day”. Today I went in to my office in central London to work there for the day, as I have done for one day each of the […]
  • Public Safety
    I’ve watched the whole 1964 ABC series The Protectors. This is quite different from The Protectors, the Gerry Anderson series from 1972-4. To start with, it’s in black & white, but more importantly it’s also set in that world where even ITV viewers were expected to sit up and pay attention to lengthy scenes in […]
  • Plague City Symbols
    Tomorrow is officially the end of the lockdown. No one knows what this will mean. This morning was long enough to include a farcical cycle of announcements and reversals. So we went across south London to be befuddled by obscure symbols and uninterpreted messages. First of all we went to Bold Tendencies. The restless city: […]

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